The Objectives of the Metaverse Law Nucleus are as follows: –

  • To explore the legal, policy and regulatory nuances pertaining to the Metaverse;
  • To examine the legal nuances and complexities that the Metaverse as a paradigm is beginning to throw up and to track the growth and evolution and also further progress of the Metaverse Law as a sub-discipline of Cyberlaw;
  • To explore how existing laws could be made applicable to the Metaverse and activities conducted in it;
  • To track what are the distinctive legal issues and paradigms that the Metaverse as a phenomenon is beginning to throw up and the need for new legal approaches for the same;
  • To examine the need for new legal frameworks and legal provisions so as to specifically deal with the distinctive challenges thrown up by the Metaverse;
  • To collaborate with international stakeholders to ensure that there is no reinvention of the wheel and that existing pillars of legal wisdom and legal jurisprudence could be relied upon for the purposes of further growth of the Metaverse jurisprudence as a paradigm;
  • To interact with various stakeholders in the Metaverse ecosystem and to discuss, deliberate and brainstorm about the different legal, policy and regulatory nuances, issues and challenges pertaining to the Metaverse.
  • To identify and research on legal principles for effective legal frameworks to tackle disputes between the various stakeholders of Metaverse ecosystem.
  • To come up with legal principles and model frameworks for addressing various legal and policy challenges thrown up by Metaverse.
  • To understand and explore the emerging legal jurisprudence concerning NFTs and emerging intellectual property rights legal regime in the Metaverse.