International Conference On Metaverse & Law – Opportunities & Challenges 2023

About The International Conference On Metaverse And Law –Opportunities & Challenges

The International Conference On Metaverse And Law –Opportunities & Challenges highlighted some of the emerging developments and trends in Metaverse and new emerging legal, business, societal and governance related challenges and issues on Metaverse that have already emerged and are likely to arise in the coming times.

This Virtual Conference covered the following subjects and topics:-

  1. Metaverse & Law – Developments So Far & Emerging Trends;
  2. Metaverse – Current and New Opportunities;
  3. Metaverse, Cyber Security and Cybercrime;
  4. Metaverse Strategies For Digital Ecosystem Stakeholders;
  5. Metaverse & Artificial Intelligence – New Potentials;
  6. Metaverse, Governance and Education;
  7. Metaverse & Intellectual Property Rights;
  8. Regulation of Metaverse – Issues & Challenges;
  9. Metaverse Economy – Potential and Way Forward;
  10. Metaverse – Current and Projected Developments and Legal Trends.

The Conference would be addressed by distinguished global thought leaders on Metaverse.

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About The Organizers

Metaverse Law Nucleus – Metaverse Law Nucleus is dedicated towards conducting research and working on the legal, policy and regulatory aspects pertaining to the Metaverse. Metaverse Law Nucleus aims to track and work on the emerging legalities and legal nuances thrown up by the Metaverse. It also aims to keep track of the evolving legal jurisprudence in the Metaverse, along with examining and analyzing as to how emerging trends of legalities concerning the Metaverse are evolving and will or may evolve in the coming times. More about Metaverse Law Nucleus is available at  

Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates – Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates is India’s specialized niche law firm, which is dedicated to the emerging areas of legal practice and working on the intersection of law and technology.  More about Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates is available at

About Academic Partner Cyberlaw Univ – Cyberlaw Univ is an online education platform providing various training, capacity building programs and consultancy services on education on intersection of law and technology. More about Cyberlaw University is available at

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